Leather Care

Less is more!

Due to gentle vegetable tanning, our leather has retained its natural properties. Thanks to this quality, it generally requires less care than conventional leather. Our leather is vegetable tanned in a complicated process and then greased by hand. Chemical treatment, such as the application of lacquers, plastics, or colors, has been consistently avoided. Natural traces in the leather such as scars, horn marks or scratches in the leather are therefore not faults, but a guarantee for always natural leather.

Due to the gentle treatment and greasing of the leather, it is already impregnated to a high degree and protected against moisture. Please do not use any commercially available impregnations that could damage the leather. Often these contain silicones that stick to the open-pored surface of the leather and are therefore detrimental to its breathability.

If the leather is very wet, dry it with a soft cloth and then let the leather dry in room air. Never wipe the leather on or near a heater.

Coarse dirt can be brushed off and wiped off with a damp cloth. Surface scratches or traces of dirt can be polished out with a soft cloth. With time and use, our leather will acquire an individual and beautiful patina. Environmental influences such as sun, rain, and humidity will darken the leather slightly.

Rain rungs or dark stains due to moisture

Especially with the light leather colors, humidity, or rain can cause so-called “sprouts.” With time and use, these will condense into a patina that protects the leather. If you don’t want to wait for this, take a damp, soft cloth and polish the dark area evenly over the entire leather with little pressure. The leather will darken initially due to the moisture but will lighten again when it dries.

Shoes and Boots

Please note our care instructions in the respective article description of the shoes and boots. Generally, we recommend – used sparingly – the leather care cream from Tapir and Barth. Apply it sparingly to the leather with a soft cotton cloth, with a soft horsehair brush or a soft cotton cloth the original shine is restored. Dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Smooth leather handbags

Our recommendation: Do not use any care or impregnation and let the leather age in beauty and get a patina. That way, your bag will remain as beautiful as ever. If, after a long time and use, you stroke over the leather and feel that it feels rough or dry, add beeswax care or leather grease – as sparingly as a skin cream dosed – to the leather.

Bags made of ecopell antique leather or suede

Please do not use any care cream or impregnation spray for this leather. Dirt spots can be carefully “erased” using a suede rubber brush. Alternatively, you can deliberately try to remove the dirt with an eraser for suede leather.


Light leather colors and jeans

Unfortunately, jeans – even if they have been washed frequently – are not colorfast and lose the blue color. If you wear blue jeans, please make sure that light-colored leather bags are not worn at leg level, i.e., so that the bag rubs over the jeans. Otherwise, the leather can turn blue, which is difficult or impossible to remove.